WP09: Project Management and Dissemination


The WP09 objectives are the effective management of the EuroSkinGraft project. To achieve this objective we will exercise the following tasks:

  • Make sure that the participants achieve the objectives, complete the milestones in time and deliver the deliverables.
  • Make sure that the consortium’s contractual duties are carried out. Advise and guide the Participants to comply with the EU regulations and their contractual and legal requirements.
  • Set-up an effective communication infrastructure and foster the integrative process within the consortium.
  • Manage the processes for the capture and the protection of intellectual property, including confidential information and patents properly.
  • Ensure that knowledge produced within the project is disseminated to the relevant target groups through the annual reports

Workpackage Description

The Project Management WP01 is led by GABO:mi, a German SME with longstanding, hands-on expertise in the management of EU Framework projects together with the Coordinator.

Task 1: Scientific project coordination and management

  • Deliverable reports will be assembled by the WP Leads with the assistance of GABO:mi and the compiled report reviewed by the Project Coordinator. These Deliverables will be reported in detail during scientific meetings in EuroSkinGraft.

Task 2: Project Management and Controlling

  • On a day-to-day basis, GABO:mi together with the Coordinator will monitor the overall progress regarding milestones and deliverables. Whenever necessary, the management team will assist the Participants in achieving their goals.
  • Together with the consortium, the Project Periodic Reports will be generated and submitted to the European Commission by GABO:mi on time.

Task 3: Contractual management

  • GABO:mi’s principal task will be to monitor the compliance of the project with the EU provisions and the Consortium Agreement.
  • GABO:mi will ensure that the consortium complies with the rules on decision-making in EuroSkinGraft as defined in the Consortium Agreement.

Task 4: Communication management

  • The Project Office at GABO:mi will serve as the centre of communication for all Participants. It stands as a helpdesk for the Participants.
  • GABO:mi has developed a web-based tool for project management specifically for EU framework projects::milliarium. This tool combines functionalities for central document sharing, progress monitoring, accounting and reporting in EU projects. All Participants will have access to :milliarium.
  • GABO:mi will set up an appealing website for EuroSkinGraft.
  • The organisation of professional and efficient project meetings also belongs to the scope of tasks of the management team at GABO:mi.

Task 5: Resources management

  • GABO:mi assumes responsibility for the collection and preparation of all cost reports from the project partners for submission to the European Commission.
  • Not only for the planning of subsequent periods, budget and expenditures need to be monitored, new budgets must be calculated and be filled in the respective forms.

Task 6: Management of Dissemination of Results

  • The Coordinator in collaboration with GABO:mi will ensure proper dissemination of results via scientific publications, oral presentations at conferences and symposia, invited talks, the project website and the individual websites of the partners.
  • To insure the achievements of the scientific, clinical and quality control, the entire consortium will have one “progress report-meeting” per year.

Participating Partners

Universität Zürich - Tissue Biology Research Unit