The Medical Device Company Ltd. (MDC)

The Medical Device Company Ltd.
Buteland, Buteland Road, Balerno
EH14 7JJ
Scotland, United Kingdom

Lead Investigator

Jeremy Donnan

Jeremy Donnan
Director MDC & Design Engineering
Leader of Workpackage 03
Phone: +44 1314494636

Project Staff


John Targell
Director MDC
Phone: +44 7818075495

Institute Presentation

MDC – The Medical Device Company are Innovation, Design and Development specialists focussed on the needs of Healthcare organizations

Both principals have over 20 years experience in the Medical Industry and the creative design and management skills needed to translate product concepts into commercially viable manufacturing solutions.

With over 30 patents to our names, MDC understand the importance of strong IP. We have experience of building and broadening IP portfolios, and also of producing innovative design solutions to overcome existing competitor patents.

Our 3D visualisation and design software enables us to work rapidly from concept to prototype stage in the projects design phase. We work closely with our project partners to refine the product concept and ensure optimum product performance.

Rapid prototyping techniques such as SLA, SLS and rapid tooling are used to produce accurate components at low cost and evaluate product function with market or user studies.

We have a deep understanding of the Materials and Regulatory requirements of the Medical Industry.

Our experience enables us to develop products and their manufacturing technology from concept through to volume production – we have done this successfully many times.

We have excellent working relationships with some of the best companies in the industry, ensuring that toolmaking; moulding, sterilisation and product validation integrate smoothly with the project.

Jerry Donnan is a medical product designer with a track record gained working for several international healthcare and medical device companies. He has been responsible for the design and development of products for IV Therapy and Drug delivery, Assisted Fertility, Dialysis , Orthopaedics and Diagnostics.

John Targell’s considerable experience in the Healthcare sector comes from a career in engineering consultancy and in the management of innovation teams in both the medical devices consultancy and manufacturing sectors. He has been responsible for the creation  of IP covering several new product concepts, and the creation of new products in the fields of cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedics and inhalers.